Chaya Karma Pro – Black


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Boot is sturdy Nylon + Fiberglass, Dual Center Mounting, Superior comfort, Mid cut sneaker style bootm Suede leather upper & microfiber, Nicely padded tongue, Flat Laces.

PLATE is the Chaya Shari Plate, Nylon + Fiberglass, Dual Center Mounting, 20 degree truck, Aluminum, caster, Power toe, Off set toe stop, Jelly interlock PU-Cushions, 84A, Standard wheel fixation using nuts

WHEELS Octo Momentum 58x32mm, 53D

BEARINGS WCD ABEC 7 freespin, 608

GRINDBLOCK Nylon Composite blend

TOE STOPPER Chaya Controller stopper, Natural/synthetic rubber mix, Long stem, Flat Head

Weight 10 lbs


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