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We are pushing the goods out the on the daily, from conversion quad skate kits to classic reissue skate decks and up to date skate products. Stop in check out the shop and please check our Instagram stories daily for new products. Skate and destroy!

The Team

Our skater run shop is made up of an eclectic bunch of boarders, roller girls, & more.

Bettie Pain

At 41 Bettie had a change of life. Sitting with her friend over their 6th margarita and contemplating the future, the genius idea of trying out for Roller Derby came about! Tequila said 'you can do this'… reality was not as forgiving. After purchasing a pair of skates on Amazon that were TOO SMALL, Way uncomfortable and felt like a bag of bricks, they were given away and off to the local shop she went. But, the local shop was WAY far away!!! After making a few drastic moves, Bettie convinced her boss to trust her and Utopia Skate Shop was born! You can find Bettie running her local Chicks in Bowls chapter, skating thru the streets of NYC, hanging out with her dog, or eating Mexican food under the counter of the skate shop.

Misty Rex Magical Unicorn / Admin Assistant / Loveable Human

Scott Rod Board Pro

Virus Webmistress

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